Couples often wonder if they need a second photographer


Yes, would be my answer if you are planning a big full day wedding. So, with a second photographer, you would get a large variety of interesting images in your gallery that would not normally be possible with one photographer. Essentially, if both of you require photos during wedding prep a second photographer is ideal to ensure all your  special moments are captured.


The Priory, Exclusive Wedding Venue, Little Wymondley, Hertfordshire

Before my own wedding season kicks off every year I love to do some second shooting to get back into the swing of things. I like spending time finding interesting moments  that contribute to the atmosphere of the day. The main photographer cannot always take these lovely shots as he/she has to focus on the wedding couple and their family.

I have recently had the opportunity to do some second shooting for Absolute Photo UK. Howard Treeby and I managed to take beautiful images of Noel and Emma’s wedding at The Priory, Little Wymondley, Hertfordshire. While Howard focused on the important key photographs, I had the chance to snap some details and wonderful candids. Earlier in the day, I spent some time with the groomsmen in the Priory gardens while Howard was capturing all the bridal prep nearby. Working together allows for moments and emotions to be captured from all angles. For example, one photographer captures photos from the front of the ceremony, while the other is capturing all moments from behind-the-scenes. 

To give you an idea, I have created a slideshow of Noel and Emma’s wedding from a second shooter’s perspective. Emma and Noel would not have had these images if they only chose one photographer.